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Engineer Roberto DE PAULIS gives anyone the opportunity to affiliate the largest BETTING-STORE in the WORLD (only for 50 people) and simply earn SHARING an AFFILIATE LINK that will be automatically provided by the system as soon as you have registered by filling in fields below!

Each affiliate will be able to make profits (every day – every hour – every minute) simply by sharing and/or promoting our BETTING-STORE (for example on the various social networks – on google – and on any platform you like).

For every customer who buys from our store thanks to your affiliate link will immediately receive an affiliate percentage that will be distributed based on the number of monthly sales (starting from 25% of the cost of a pdf to rise up to as much as 50%).

For example, if you sold 100 pdf at the end of the month at an average cost of €. 75 Each one will earn 50% of € .7500.00 and therefore well €. 3750.00 (beautifully true!)

What are you waiting for? Ask your “AFFILIATE LINK” NOW.

Take also this IRRIPETIBLE OPPORTUNITY (valid only for 50 affiliates) and start EARNING NOW simply by being comfortable at home to share our extraordinary STORAGE of BETS and SPORTS TRADING!

You can organize, at your convenience, campaigns (Facebook-Instagram), sponsorships and shares of your affiliate link to start earning.

Fill in the following fields to request affiliation to our group. After sending the request you will be contacted by one of our operators.

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*The information you provide is governed by the New Consolidated Law on Privacy – and will be treated both in writing, is electronic by authorized personnel, who can have access to only the data necessary for managing the activities of the requested service. Your personal data may be disclosed to internal employees as well as those in charge of managing and maintaining the processing systems. The data will not be communicated or disclosed to third parties, except for the necessary contractual obligations or legal obligations. Failure to consent to data processing makes it impossible to provide the services requested. Finally, we remind you that you are entitled in particular, the right to access their personal data, to request their rectification, updating and deletion, if incomplete, incorrect or collected in violation of the law, and to oppose their processing for legitimate reasons by making requests to the data controller. Betting Exchange LTD [email protected].

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          For any clarification call or write on Whatsapp on the number +39 3334394058

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BETTING EXCHANGE LTD will guarantee, to each affiliate, its independence and identity.

What are you waiting for? AFFILIATE NOW YOU too!

Fill in the fields to request YOUR AFFILIATE LINK to our STORE. After sending the request you will be contacted by one of our operators and you will receive your precious “AFFILIATE LINK” and you can start making profits immediately!

Thanks to the “summary of SALES mirror“, you can check all your movements and receipts (click on your affiliate link – number of PDFs sold thanks to you – total earned in REAL-Time – etc etc).

Payments will be made every thirty of the month, through PayPal so it is recommended that each affiliate obtain a PayPal account (you can create it in just 5 minutes).

Engineer Roberto DE PAULIS is one of the leading experts in SPORTS TRADING and BETTING (see the reviews and comments of the course participants from the facebook group of the Engineer), remains at your complete disposal for any additional notes.

Good Earnings to all YOU affiliates!


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