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Every day a new horse to be layed, SIGN IN now and create your own salary with this fantastic invention.

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Roulette Method

With the new ROULETTE PLUS METHOD you can bring at home A LOT OF MONEY day after day. The percentages of your bankroll will grow rapidly!

All you have to do is subscribe to the app, make a donation of € 49.99, have a BETFAIR.COM account (unless we will take care of it!) e LAY (i.e. bet against in the EXCHANGE section) the horse that WE WILL INDICATE YOU DAILY (race departure time - racecourse - name horse - quote, excluding Sundays) on the Horse Racing market in the UK (United Kingdom-United Kingdom) and IRE (Ireland-Ireland).


Make the Paypal donation of 49,99 € and enter in the signal room.


Having a Betfair.Com Account, if you don't have one, please contact us!

Win with us

Lay the Horse that we will signal and enjoy the victory every day.



It is forbidden to disseminate the signals sent, under penalty of definitive exclusion from group.


To guarantee you a salary, follow what is indicated to the letter


No responsibility is borne by those who offer the service, everyone is responsible for their gaming account.

The cost of the donation is only 49,99 Euros per month.

Payment Method

Donations will be made through Paypal every 30 days as well as group entries.


Renewal must be made every 30 days, under penalty of temporary suspension from the group, with the possibility of re-enrolling in the following months.

How to Lay

Click on Betfair's EXCHANGE dot COM


The following screen will appear where you will find the racecourses, the country and the times. Select the GB and IRE (Great Britain and Ireland) Circuits. In our case the circuit of the Leicester racecourse at 14:00 British

Finally, bank the chosen horse: for example, we feast € 100 on the "Vocaliser" horse at @ 3.70 with a responsibility of € 270 on the Leicester racecourse starting at 2:00 pm.

Join Us

Every day a new horse to be layed, SIGN IN now and create your own salary with this fantastic invention.

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Useful contacts and links

Those who do not have a Betfair.COM account can request one at a price very advantageous only for group members.


Ing. De Paulis Roberto

Prof. Pizzuti William

Telephone number

Ing. De Paulis Roberto +39 3334394058

Prof. Pizzuti William +39 3663448595

Where will we publish the results?